Phajaan - "Crushing" an Elephant's Spirit

Sample Letter

Dear Prime Minister & Government Officials of Thailand:


It is horrifying to see what is going on in Thailand! Thailand abuses and terrorizes elephants for tourism, Karen people, and compassionate NGO’s like Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, Elephant Nature Park, Bring the Elephant Home, etc. This MUST STOP!


Science has proven how damaging Thai treatment of animals is. Phajaan is one example:

“Elephant brains share with human brains similar mechanisms that govern thinking, feeling, perception, and behavior. Parts of the brain -- cortical and limbic structures -- responsible for processing and controlling emotions, traits, and social interactions, such as maternal behavior, facial recognition, play, sexual behavior, fear, aggression, and stress regulation, are common among all vertebrates...."  -- Dr. Gay Bradshaw. (2007) Herd Mentality: Of Pachyderms, People, and Peril. Edutopia/George Lucas Fndn.

Harvard has just brought years of study regarding “toxic stress”/abuse to light. Harvard’s Dr. Shonkoff stated:

“We’re talking about basic biology here so a lot of what we know comes from studies of animals. Comes from studies of non-human primates, comes from studies of mice and rats… and...humans. And this has to do with the extent to which “the body” responds to a sense of threat or stress….From a brain point of view it’s whether there’s a sense of threat and whether something is protecting you or not….Does “the body” sense “safety” or does the body sense “threat.” And we know from a huge amount of research…that good environments produce healthy development and poor environments threaten development.”  -- The Toxic Stress of Early Childhood Adversity. (Feb. 7, 2012). The Forum at Harvard School of Public Health.


Published in the top scientific peer-review journal, Nature, by the world's top elephant scientists and a preeminent neuroscientist:

“Current methods for conserving both wild and captive elephant populations fail to preserve elephant social systems….Neuroscience has demonstrated that all mammals share a ubiquitous developmental attachment mechanism and a common stress regulating neurophysiology. Now, a wealth of human–animal studies and the experiences of human victims of violence are available to help elephants and other species survive." -- Bradshaw, Schore, Brown, Moss, Poole. (2005). Elephant breakdown: Social trauma: early disruption of attachment can affect the physiology, behaviour and culture of animals and humans over generations. Nature.

Science has proven that how Thailand treats its people and wildlife is immoral, criminal, and is contributing to the extinction of species and other cultures!


The world is watching and boycotting Thailand until health and justice is restored to your country. The word is spreading! Please correct your ways!





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